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Clangluna, The Moon Empire, was founded in 2005 when a creature called The Wombat strapped Clangador to an old Saturn V rocket and launched him to the moon. Fortunately, Clangador (in his pre-emperor days) always carried a mega-capacity storage device and used this to access an army of android construction workers which were sent back in time to build a habitable moon base to land in upon his arrival. He took this opportunity to announce the founding of Clangluna.

Moon Reckoning Edit

Year 1 of Moon Reckoning is 2005. So before 2005 is Before Moon Reckoning. This can be abbreviated to BMR. After 2005 is After Moon Reckoning. This is abbreviated to AMR. Is that cleared up now?

Timeline of Clangluna Edit

Moon Earth Item
0012 2017 Current Year
0011 2016 War is declared on Yakluna
0001 2005 Clangluna is founded

National Moon Guard Edit

The National Guard of Clangluna. It is comprised of citizen pilots equipped with Z-95 Headhunters. Pilots in the Moon Guard may remain in service or apply for admission to the Imperial Moon Navy, at which time they will receive advanced flight training in the Imperial TIE Fighter. (The National Moon Guard does operate a small contingent of TIE Fighters for training purposes.) If the pilot graduates from advanced flight training, they are assigned to an Imperial Moon Navy unit.

Imperial Moon Navy Edit

The Imperial Moon Navy uses Imperial type spacecraft. The majority of the navy is comprised of Imperial TIE Fighters. Imperial TIE Defenders are used by elite units and TIE Bombers are used for heavy attack missions. Some mercenary units are utilized by the Moon Navy to augment units and for special missions. Imperial Decimators and shuttles are used as forward command and control units. Imperial Raiders are used as flagships.

The End Edit

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