The Omnidirectional Vacuum Tube Computer. The very best, most advanced vacuum-tube computer ever constructed (by Clang-a-Corp). It handles all the computational needs of The Empire of Clangluna. It is known to break down a lot, or just refuse to work, and spews out many irrational solutions to problems. This is believed to be a result of the rat-brains co-processor that were installed, by the Clang-a-techs, in the Fall of 2007.

Footnote from the Technical Dept: We believe we have retrofitted all service recalls which improve operational stability by 533% and cognitive unit failure rate has been reduced by 0.032 faults per macrosecond.

End-notes: As of 2017, Omnivac has received the latest lunar operating system update to NOT_INSANE_2.0 compliance standards.

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