Roddenbrony Edit

Full Name: Roddenbrony Hornblower
Title: President of Yakluna
Residence: Yakluna
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Class 2
Legal Status: Wanted for Questioning
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Partner: Unknown Female
Life Stage: Middle
Cloned: Yes
Prime: Living
Alpha Complex: Yes

Legal Status Edit

Roddenbrony (Prime) is currently wanted for questioning by the Transgalactic Alliance. Charges include Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Clangluna.

Alternate Versions Edit

Name Status Location Notes
The Electric Eagle Living Earth Superhero
Roddenbrony Hornblower Living Fantasy World Halfling Adventurer

Alpha Complex Edit

Roddenbrony's has been cloned by The Computer of The Alpha Complex.

Clone Status Location Notes
Roddenbrony-R-TRI-1 KIA Alpha Complex Killed by Kylation-O-TRI-1
Roddenbrony-R-TRI-2 Alive Krossplanes Nuked Alpha Complex
Roddenbrony-B-TRI-3 Alive Alpha Complex Current Clone

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