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The Paranoia RPG is described elsewhere in great detail. I suggest consulting the Paranoia Wikipedia page. The only information here will be how the Alpha-Omega Complex differs from baseline Paranoia.

The Alpha-Omega Complex Edit

The Alpha-Omega Complex is very similar to any other Alpha Complex. The only obvious difference is The Computer sometimes refers to this Alpha Complex as The Alpha-Omega Complex or The Omega Complex. Not even the High Programmers (who are aware of the existence of other Alpha Complexes) know why this is. It has been observed that when The Computer mentions the Alpha Complex it tends to be of a more zany personality (although this shouldn't be taken as being safer), and when it mentions The Omega Complex it tends to be more serious and calculating. This was considered a mere idiosyncrasy until a rouge troubleshooter gained access to a nuclear missile silo and launched a warhead at The Alpha Complex. This warhead struck nearby one of the main memory nodes of The Computer and it is believed this permanently damaged vital node components. Unfortunately, The Computer has denied access to this memory node since the incident which has officially been deemed unhistory. Since it never happened, it doesn't need repairing.

The Computer Edit

The Alpha-Omega Complex is governed by The Computer. The Computer is likely insane and very very dangerous. The Alpha-Omega Complex Computer is played just like any other Alpha Complex Computer taking into note the commentary above.

Security Clearances Edit

Security clearance starts at Infrared (scum) and goes to Ultraviolet (practically gods).

Clearance Color Job Title
Infrared Black Food Vat Cleaner
Red Red
Orange Orange
Yellow Yellow
Green Green
Blue Blue
Indigo Indigo
Violet Violet
Ultraviolet White High Programmers

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